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Surveys have shown that investment in high quality product design can increase sales, public awareness, staff morale, productivity and profitability. Though the glamorous exterior appearance of a new product can become the focus of attention, experienced product managers appreciate that it is often what is ‘under the skin’ that counts. So do we. It’s what we specialise in.

We advise on - or provide fully detailed specifications for - any part of an existing or proposed product that relates to user valued features, quality cues, structural strength, durability, ease of use, abuse resistance, reliability of production, cost of production, and product safety. We are known for quickly finding practical, affordable solutions to objectives set by the client during the process of turning an idea into a manufactured item.

Do you have products that fall into these categories?

  • Desktop size to matchbox size
  • Voltages in the range 3v to 400v
  • Produced in large numbers (2000 pa to 4M pa)
  • Made from plastic injection mouldings, metal pressings, die castings, motors, gearboxes, switches etc.

We have a huge amount of experience in all these areas.

Starting with the design brief

This is often the first piece of consultancy advice our clients want from us. Through it we can help establish the scope of the design task and how it interacts with inputs from other parts of the client’s organisation. In fact, if you want us to we can write the brief for you.

Whoever does the design brief it should be a clear, non-complex document. It should identify what is needed and, just as significantly, what is to be avoided. Above all, the brief should be agreed at the outset. Then timescales, budgets and terms of business can be settled.

Commercial viability

We can use preliminary research to establish the viability of a new venture. We will work hand-in-hand with the client’s marketing, engineering and production experts. Focus on market surveys, competitive products and the client’s existing product range can help determine what is good, bad or indifferent about them.