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Background The project originated not in response to a client brief, but from a desire to diversify the business from a heavy reliance on fee per project to a mixed-income, partly from on-going licenses on Patents owned by SA.

Challenge The challenge we set ourselves was to create a product that fitted into a huge target market, had a high level of customer appeal, and was original enough to be Patentable. Above all, it would be commercially interesting to an established company within the market, who would then manufacture and distribute it on a license fee basis.

Solution Around seven years ago, the market for electronic lighting controls was in its infancy, especially in the domestic UK environment. We carried out a survey of all available products and a gap in the market was identified.

We questioned much of the basic thinking behind the existing products. The key failings were many - appearance, installation, versatility, ease of use, and cost. The SA45 Bright project was conceived.

Bright solves all these issues in one tidy design.

Bright is a retro-fit lighting controller that uniquely fits between the wall and the existing light switch. It can be used with any existing lights switch, thus preserving the decorative scheme. It has unique dual functionality and is the only low cost domestic lighting controller that happily works with low energy lamps. Bright has been carefully designed to be easy to DIY-install. It uses the existing two wires in the wall and is as easy as wiring up a 3-pin plug.

Deliverables SA worked closely with a partner electronic design company to perfect the design. Several sets of production-ready-looking, fully functioning demonstration prototypes were made and tested. With a compelling sales pitch prepared, we then set about finding a licensee. Cable Management Products, who have a wide range of lighting-related products under the Elkay Brand, liked what we showed them and a deal was agreed.

Results This innovative energy saving and burglar deterrent lighting controller is doing good business for Elkay. It is sold as “Welcomelight” by B&Q, Screw Fix and many Electrical Factors throughout the UK.